Invisible Teeth Straightening

Teeth Straightening Invisible Aligners

Invisible teeth straightening Aligners’ are orthodontic appliances proposed to straighten misaligned teeth. It uses a series of almost invisible and detachable customized aligners.

They are barely noticeable Because of the transparency and clarity of the material when worn over the teeth. Your teeth will progressively become more aligned as a response to the aligners, and you will get the results you were hoping for at the end of treatment.

Invisible Teeth Straightening Aligners

Aligners are an innovative way to straighten your teeth and give yourself the blessing of a lifelong confidence boost. An aligner can straighten your teeth with minimal interference to your daily routine. We always aim for perfection and the highest quality standards in everything. Each customer receives our time and attention, and total commitment. One of the most exciting developments in orthodontics is the speedy rise of invisible aligners to straighten teeth.
Key Features
  • Invisible: Straighten your teeth without anyone noticing it with invisible Aligners – FDA-approved material that will not stain or darken during your treatment.
  • Affordable: Aligners Pakistan is affordable. The cost of treatment is even less than braces. It varies from case to case, depending on the severity of the malocclusion.
  • Convenient: End-to-end 3D technology and 3D smile preview, treatment regularly monitored by professional dentists to ensure a precise fit for a predictable and comfortable journey
  • Fast: Get your new smile in an average of 6 months with Aligners Pakistan’s cutting-edge track technology and the professionals you can rely on.

Steps in making Clear Aligners at Aligners Pakistan


Digital Scanning of the inside of your mouth with an intra-oral dental scanner to get the teeth replica for planning the treatment accordingly.


This will enable dental Designers/orthodontists to create the perfect clear aligners for malaligned individual teeth.

3D printing

Using a light-sensitive liquefied resin that solidifies when exposed to the laser. The lab technician uses 3D printing technology to create a series of 3d printed models.


After thermoforming from FDA Approved Sheets, it’s time to start wearing your clear aligners. You will receive a personalized crafted teeth aligner in a beautiful packing.

Before & After - Aligners Pakistan Treatment

Dr. Awab Alvi

Free Smile Assessment Appointment

Message or Call our center at 0309-999-5336 and set up a free smile assessment appointment with our team of doctors to guide you if you are eligible for teeth straightening aligners from Aligners Pakistan
Aligners Pakistan
Why choose Aligners Pakistan

We think that everyone deserves a beautiful smile. For this reason, we’ve cut down and reduced the cost of teeth straightening.

We’ve seen clients’ eyes light up when wearing Invisible Teeth Straightening aligners since the results are the same as with braces, and their smile has transformed in a couple of months. As we have improved, our patients’ faith in us has risen. Our orthodontists helped shape these standards after years of study and implementation. We at Aligners Pakistan enjoy seeing our patients’ faces light up when their teeth are aligned.

Frequently Asked Questions

Clear aligners are a series of custom-made tooth ‘aligners’ which gradually straighten & align teeth. Each aligner in the series is formed with small movements which cause the aligner material to deflect and stretch over the teeth when they are inserted.
As the plastic in the aligner attempts to spring back to its original shape, force is delivered to the teeth thereby producing tooth movement.

These are removable trays, easy and convenient to remove, you take them out when eating and brushing

No. You need to take out your aligners every time you eat even when while snacking

Every time you remove aligners it is advisable to rinse with normal temperature water and then reinsert back, routinely you may use mouthwash to ensure it feels fresh each time you insert the aligner. DO NOT use hot water to wash these aligners as it will deform the material

If you have any doubt that a particular aligner is either too tight or is not inserting properly, first call our team to talk to a specialist, and if needed they may even request you to schedule an appointment convenient to you

Attachments are small transparent tooth-colored bulges placed temporarily on any tooth surface to improve & speed up each aligner efficiency, if any attachment dislodges simple call our offices and they will guide you on what to do

Yes, It is possible that the entire process can be conducted without seeing a dentist but do call our offices and discuss the opportunity with them directly at 0309 9995336

If you are not satisfied with your previous orthodontic treatment, discuss with our team at Aligners Pakistan 0309 9995336 or Any previous treatment will not hinder your decision to get aligners now

Call our team at Aligners Pakistan 0309 9995336 or to get an estimate of the costs and if there are any payment plans possible

The Invisible Teeth Straightening aligners treatment varies between Rs. 40,000 to Rs. 4.5 lacs (USD 540 to USD 6061) Globally. However, we are offering a realistic price of 0000000. Costs of clear aligners vary subjectto several factors, including the specifics of each case, the expertise of the treating dentist, the location of the patient’s office, and the brand of aligners being used.

Invisible Teeth Aligner is far less noticeable than metal braces and only takes one year to complete. No special diet needs to be followed, and cleaning your teeth has never been simpler than with alignment trays. Invisible Aligner achieves the same outcome without obtrusive drawbacks as an alternative to conventional metal braces.

According to several orthodontists, invisible aligners treatment might take anywhere between six months to a year. Your treatment duration will vary among individuals, and there is no standard formula. That’s because each person has unique issues about how their teeth fit together.


Can’t be more then excited to have my straight teeth, Aligners Pakistan did their magic from crowded to straight in 10 months flat One word testimonial – WOW – I finally have my straight teeth … Selfie moments here … I can Smile Wide now .. come I had horrible teeth, embarrassed to smile, Ive gone thru a life changing moment